Irish King by Dahlia Rose

Published: February 28th, 2017

“Son. Successor. Enforcer. Alone.

Ian ‘King’ Mordha, son of Collin Mordha, runs one of the biggest crime families in Chicago. If he obeys his father’s wishes and accepts his role, he could lose something he didn’t even know he wanted. One freezing cold night he saved a life and changed his own, but there’s a cost.

Sunshine. Hope. Enemy. Love?

Kiya Gunn, sister of a cop, and a teacher at Chicago’s Art School for Disabled Children. She sees behind the mask to who he really is, his strength far outweighs the power of his fists. The gentleness in his heart belies the cruelty associated with his name.

Family vs Their Rivals with Kiya in the middle.

With a turf war brewing against their rivals. Can he keep her safe or will he lose the only sunshine in his life? Or worse, will he pay the ultimate price to keep the woman he loves safe?”


Irish mob life in Chicago. Moral of the story. Ian ‘King’ Mordha and Kiya Gunn meet when he saves her from being attacked after clubbing. They keep meeting each other after their initial meeting. That’s when Kiya drops the bomb that her brother is a police officer in the city of Chicago and is basically trying to bring down the mob.

This story was a different contemporary romance. It was more of a war between romance and mob vs. police. There were different stories throughout. It was King vs. his enemies, King vs. Kiya in romance, King vs. his father, King vs. his own head, etc. There were so many things going on, and I really liked that.

However, I had to give this book a lower rating because of the dialogue. I think everything was really well done except for the dialogue. It seemed stilted as some parts and even left me confused a couple of times.

Rating: ★★★

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