Little Free Love – Charter 99362

Located in Pittsgrove, New Jersey.
County: Salem

I found this little free library to be absolutely outstanding. The gears on the post were the perfect compliment to the robot they have on sight.

Parvin Farms had a guest book to sign and wipes to ensure cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This cute library box was super easy to find and right off the main road. You can pull over and hop right out of the car. This area was significantly different than the fast-paced, everything close-to-each-other area where I’m from. This was a beautiful, massive farmland where you can tell there is a tight-knit community.

There were an assortment of books, from children’s to adult fiction. I saw a lot of goodies in there, but decided to leave them for other excited bookish people! There were bookmarks and the library was very full for people to come pick from!

Only 3 minutes away by car, Parvin State Park is a 465-acre area that loops around South Jersey’s pinelands. There’s a lake and a campground with 4-mile hiking trails.

Parvin State Park served as a home for the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933-1941. This was a voluntary public relief program designed to help provide jobs for those affected by the Great Depression.

Overall, I adored this Little Free Library and the area! It was very peaceful and somewhere I could see myself going again! Check out Little Free Love on Instagram to see all of the LFLs that I’ve been going to!


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