Little Free Love – Charter 42615

Located in Haddonfield, New Jersey.
County: Camden

Can we just talk about how beautiful this home is? Haddonfield is a very old town in South Jersey and the houses really are so beautiful and the architecture is just stunning.

Haddonfield was founded in 1875, but is most well-known for the Indian King Tavern, also known as the Creighton House. The Creighton House was used as the site of a 1777 meeting of the New Jersey Assembly that officially ratified the Declaration of Independence!

There are so many amazing things in Haddonfield, NJ including their Main Street which is full of amazing shops (my favorite bookstore Inkwood Books being one of them!) and sites where dinosaurs were found in 1858!

There was recently a note added on the Little Free Library app from a user that stated that this charter is for kid’s books only.

To see all of the charters we’ve been to in NJ, GA & beyond, follow along with us on Instagram @littlefreelove!


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