Little Free Love – Charter 30214

Located in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey.
County: Camden

Listed on the LFL website by the steward: “I just love books and enjoy when I can share them with others. We live in a fantastic small town where we do a lot of walking around town. We know there’s a strong sense of community here, but we are a little bummed that Main Street lacks any space in walking distance like a cafe, bookstore or even township library. This handmade LFL will provide a destination on walks, a place to share great books and a way to grow our community and utilize the many beautiful parklets our town has set up!”

This LFL is located in such a cute little area. It’s right next to a railroad, but has benches and even a Little Free Pantry! There’s also a beautiful clock, almost like a town center. See below pictures!

If you’d like to see all of the charters we’ve visited in NJ, GA & beyond, follow us on Instagram @littlefreelove!


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